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How To Make A Solar Cooker

how to make a solar cooker

    solar cooker
  • A device that converts the sun's energy into heat energy, which is then used to cook food.

  • A solar oven or solar cooker is a device which uses sunlight as its energy source. Because they use no fuel and they cost nothing to run, humanitarian organizations are promoting their use worldwide to help slow deforestation and desertification, caused by using wood as fuel for cooking.

  • The desert sun is not in fact hot enough to cook meat, but if it’s reflected against itself in a bowl of mirrors it can definitely heat tea and warm stew. Solar cookers are a new wave answer to the problem of cooking fuel shortages in semi-arid and deforested regions.

    how to
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

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how to make a solar cooker - S-1116: 12V

S-1116: 12V Briefcase Solar Generator

S-1116: 12V Briefcase Solar Generator

THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO APO, AE, ETC OR ANY INTERNATIONAL ADDRESSES. The Briefcase Solar Generator can charge a wide range of applications, can be served as battery maintainer for marine boat, motor house or big vehicle. Supplying power to notebook computer, satellite telephone, electric hand tool like cordless drill. Or as a independent power source for outdoor activity like camping, exploration. A blinking charging indicator to give a clear view that the generator is working and a built-in diode to prevent reverse charging. Comes with the Solar Briefcase, battery clamps, and cigarette lighter plug.

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Solar Cookers - HPIM3578

Solar Cookers - HPIM3578

This was the first day of the solar cooking conference in Dinguraye, Guinea, back in November 2006. These cookers were being sold for about $50, and get up to 250F.

Solar cooker workshop

Solar cooker workshop

Just getting started on making a Parvati cooker. Left to right: box cooker, CooKit, Heaven's Flame cooker. (That box cooker is pointing the wrong way!)

how to make a solar cooker

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