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Snicker Cookie Recipes. Award Winning Cookies Recipe

Snicker Cookie Recipes

snicker cookie recipes

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665 & 1/2 won't do.

665 & 1/2 won't do.

back when daniel & i first started dating, ash used to throw an annual pre-thanksgiving party called Thank God It's Hedonism. he hasn't been able to do so since his daughter was born a couple years ago, so this year daniel & i decided to carry on the tradition by hosting our own Thank God It's Hedonism potluck. armed with alton brown's turkey brining/roasting recipe, martha stewart's fantastic macaroni & cheese recipe, a couple new items off the food network website, & promises from others to bring side dishes/beer, daniel & i somehow managed to throw this thing together despite not having a functional kitchen sink until noon the day of the party. yes, i did in fact wind up washing dishes the night before in the bathtub, which had recently been scrubbed down & bleached & which will now require more of the same treatment.

the party was a success -- duh -- attended by (in alphabetical order):
&, duh, me

dishes included:

* the aforementioned brined & roasted turkey -- i prepared the brining solution using a gallon of vegetable stock, a cup of kosher salt, half a cup of brown sugar, a tablespoon of black peppercorns, half a tablespoon of allspice berries, & half a tablespoon of candied ginger, & then daniel actually did the two turkey breasts on his lunch break in a 5 gallon bucket we bought at home depot. it was then roasted with some aromatics (apple, onion, rosemary, sage, & cinnamon) first at high heat for half an hour & then at a lower temperature for about two & a half hours, & i obviously didn't taste it but everyone else raved about it.

* martha stewart's macaroni & cheese, which i made the night before.

* sweet potato casserole which used an awful lot of orange zest but which everyone else seemed to like. (what can i say -- i prefer my sweet potatoes in savory dishes!) daniel picked this recipe out after seeing something similar on a program on the food network.

* cranberry sauce, which wasn't actually served since it never really thickened up. i don't like cranberries, either, so i didn't care about that! maggie & staci & i hovered over the stove trying to beat it into submission, but no dice.

* green bean casserole, prepared by ash & heather.

* some kind of potato/cheese casserole that ash made that involved two sticks of butter & a scandalous amount of cream in addition to something like two pounds of cheese (not that i'm throwing stones since martha's macaroni & cheese calls for five cups of milk, a stick of butter, & easily seven cups of cheese).

* rolls that maggie brought.

* gravy that maggie made from the turkey drippings after our first attempt at carving was met with some slightly underdone meat.

* almost a cherry pie, but staci had a bad day & screwing up the pie was the last straw!

* cookies that esther & shagy brought.

* a quarter of a cake that nicole brought, which looked amazing but which no one ate after it was discovered that one or many of our cats licked a frosting rose off the top of it.

* snickers salad, which involved cut up snickers bars, gooey whipped cream, & granny smith apples -- some kind of concoction val dreamed up, though she insists it's a for-real dish.

of course the party involved guitar hero, b/c what else do dudes do these days, & yes, it involved many cats invading many areas of the house, but even though we didn't sit down to eat till 930pm, it turned out just fine in the end.



I did try something new this year. Someone sent me two pounds (two. pounds.) of chocolate truffles a couple of weeks ago. Which was dashed friendly of them, don't get me wrong.

Alas, I idly read the nutritional information on the side of the box. Suggested serving size: four truffles (and each truffle is less than half the size of a fun-sized Snickers). One serving contains (drumroll)...68 percent of your daily recommended intake of saturated fats.

Clearly, having these things around the house was medically contraindicated. It's like eating frosting straight from the can.

I normally make a batch of oatmeal cookies for Christmas but I tried something new: oatmeal-truffle cookies, with a chocolate truffle center.

This was an excellent impulse and I was very wise to follow it. This cookie knocked me down and stole my lunch money.

The new problem is that I've taken an already unhealthy item and wrapped it in an envelope of sugar and butter. But the box of Quaker Oats claims that their product reduces maybe (let's say "definitely") the two forces counteract each other.

I had to do some trial and error to make it all by the time all the bodies were buried, I had a dozen large, chocolate-filled cookies from a recipe that would have normally made about six dozen plain ones.

snicker cookie recipes

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